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What is Crypto Degrees?

Crypto Degrees is one of the first blockchain-based official university-level verification services in the world. That means we make an official university degree more portable and reliable for students, universities, and employers (or anyone in need to verify a degree). It is an easy, inexpensive, and secure technology that makes it possible for anyone around the world to verify your educational qualifications securely, regardless of where you are, language, or any barrier you can think of. Through Crypto Degrees, we truly make your official degree global and easily reachable by anyone you want to share it with.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that allows digital data to be distributed through a global network of computers. It means that any piece of information is continually updated into a distributed global database, without the need to rely on a third-party authority. As a result, every information recorded becomes public, verifiable, and harder to be hacked since it exists simultaneously in multiple locations. Blockchain's main advantages are cryptographic security, transparency, immutability, and decentralization.

Is my electronic degree official?

The blockchain technology is just getting started, so for now, your Crypto Degree is NOT an official/legal document. The information shown in the site has the validity to be the equivalent of a non-official copy of your degree issued by your university. It means that you will still need to have your paper-based granted degree to legally prove that you have a specific qualification/degree. However, with Crypto Degrees, you can make public a sort of anelectronic copyof your degree. In other words, you can show to anyone in the world that you have a degree issued from your university.

Benefits for students

Students can have instant access to their degree anywhere in the world, proving that they have a degree issued by your university without the need and the hassle to validate or translate it.

Benefits for universities

Universities can provide an additional service for students by allowing them to instantly access certified information about students'degrees and relationships with the university. The service can expand current universities'capacity to provide such information in a public, verifiable fashion while positioning them in the technology frontier. As a result, it can improve universities'ability to connect students to potential employers and other public services without incurring any additional cost.

Benefits for companies and employers

Employers and companies have a trusted, secure way to instantly verify a candidate's official degree information, improving their recruiting and validation process, while reducing costs associated with it. Besides, Crypto Degrees creates an additional trust and transparency layer among candidates, universities, and the job market.

How can I see my degree?

You will receive a link in your email when you make a request.

Is it mandatory to apply?

No, you are not obliged to apply. But if you want to take advantage of all the benefits provided by Crypto Degrees, you will have to apply, as stated above.

Is my data protected?

The data is protected according to the university data protection regulation described in this document.

What can I do if I can't find my link?

If the link is lost, send us an email with your ID with the subject "Resend my link" to crypto@upct.es, and we will resend it to you.

I received an email about my degree, and I had not requested it.

Please contact us at crypto@upct.es to discuss the potential issue and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Why do i need to give my consent?

To comply with current legislation on data protection and privacy. More information about this in this document.

What is the process once I have given my consent?

Once the consent has been collected, the system will verify whether you have obtained any official degree from the UPCT. If you have, your degree (or degrees) will go to the blockchain and you will receive a link to share your achievements with whoever and wherever you want. If you do not have any degree but you hope to obtain it in the future, do not worry, the system is automatic; as soon as you meet all the requirements to obtain the degree, it will go to the blockchain and we will send you the link.

If you need more information, just send an email to crypto@upct.es
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